About Linden Village

Management Office Contact Information

Bluestone & Hockley Real Estate Services
Phone: (503) 222-3800
Fax: (503) 222-6459
Property Manager: Stephanie Walczak swalczak (at) bluestonehockley (dot) com

Window Contact

If you are having issues with the windows in your home.

Milgard Windows Rep – Alison Carlton
(503) 682-3270 alisoncarlton (at) milgard (dot) com

Architectural Review Form (ARC) Form

An ARC request is the standard way to get written documentation for a project that affects both the Association and your home. If the project can be seen from the outside, change the structure of your home, impact a neighbor, or change the attic or crawlspace please, send in an ARC form.

Return the completed form to the management office with photos, drawings or the contractor’s proposal to help illustrate the finished project. The request will be sent to the Linden Village Board members for review. The Board are Linden Village homeowners too and volunteer as well as live full-time lives. Please offer plenty of time to review your ARC request. Once a decision has been made, you will be contacted and sent a letter. Keep that letter for your records.